Today, I went to see the inside of Bear Mountain park for the first time in a long time.

Sure enough, the park was covered with deep snow, and it was a situation where you could not walk without snowshoes.

I walked mainly looking at the promenade, but it was about 3 cm above my knees, so the view from the viewpoint there was different from the summer season. (Because it is winter, it is different in the first place...)

The fall prevention net installed on the promenade seems to prevent even the fall of snow, mossari and snow are piled up on the net, and if you do not remove it, the burden will increase on the fall prevention net, so I sweated on the snow removal work today.

Because it is a great thing, I tried to upload a snow-covered promenade that can not be seen easily(^^)

P1040001. Jpg
P1040005. Jpg