Introducing the bear

Japanese name: Ezo brown bear
scientific name: ursus arctos yesoensis
English name: Hokkaido Brown Bear
Ainu: Kimun Kamui (Mountain God)

The brown bear is the largest terrestrial animal that lives in Japan, and is a wild animal that lives only in Hokkaido in Japan.
Ezo brown bears are divided into three types (Northern Hokkaido type, Eastern Hokkaido type, and Southern Hokkaido type) at the DNA level, and each of them was used in the ancient era of continuous land.
It is believed to have come from North America, Siberia, and Mongolia. Sahoro is said to be a place where the three types of brown bears can meet.

Canter 28 years old

Features: Large body, round ears & face & butt

The oldest grandfather! There is a relaxed atmosphere. When you have a quarrel, you will be the first to get your hands on it!

Koji 28 years old

Features: Smiley white spots like a necklace

Kota and her twin brothers. Strict for young bears. Speaking of the back bancho of Bear Mountain, Koji!

Kota 28 years old

Features: Small white spots under the neck, petite and round face

Koji and his twin brothers & father of Hirotake. Stubbornness and slyness are top level in the park!

Hirotake 22 years old

Features: Chubby, thin vitiligo

Kota's son. Very popular and bear mountain idol! (I'm not good at dieting.)

Santa 20 years old

Features: Odeko no Kobu Inverted triangular physique

Hinata and her twin brothers. Rare in the field. Although she has a small body, she often fights with Hinata! The rival is Moko.

Hinata 20 years old

Features: Small right ear, long nose

Santa and twin brothers. Rare in the field. Very bullish with Santa! The rival is Mitt.

Moko 19 years old

Features: Triangular ears Maro eyebrows

Yuuo of 1 in the park! However, Santa is unforgiving. I often look around (the keeper).

Tetsuro 15 years old

Tetsuro 15 years old
Features: Vitiligo on the chest

Bear Mountain has the shortest history, but it is quite calm. Sociable but unacceptable ...

Mitt 13 years old

Features: Long and large body, gold hair around the face

Rera's father. Quite selfish type. The likes and dislikes are clear, and when it comes to fights, the face changes suddenly!

Holt 11 years old

Features: Thick forelimbs crotch

A change from a cautious personality! It's sociable and imposing, but it's not popular with grandfathers.

Rera 10 years old

Features: Gold hair on the face and black hair around the eyes

Mitt's son. The youngest in the park! He has a pretty timid personality, but the fight is inherited from his father. looking for friends.