Bear Mountain, Tokachi Forest where Ezo brown bears live

You can observe brown bears living in the great outdoors on the vast grounds.

"Bear Mountain" was born to observe the ecology of brown bears in a more natural environment and to let them know more about brown bears.
You can feel the behavior, behavior, and presence of brown bears living in the same environment as nature, such as trees, water, and rocks.

Experience the experience of "Noboribesuma Farm" that has been facing brown bears for 50 years, and the love and passion for brown bears that have been around for many years.

Three ways to observe brown bears

Learn how to meet brown bears at Bear Mountain, which is as large as 15ha.

Aquatic Infrastructure

Bear watching bus

Observe browns moving through the forest in a private bus guarded by an iron bars.
The world seen from the same perspective as the brown bears is full of realism!

Aquatic Infrastructure


There is a hill promenade course (pedestrian bridge) on the vast site.
You can observe the adorable brown man living leisurely while feeling the nature of Sahoro.

Templates Next Digital Media

Bare point

A glass-enclosed observation facility located in the center of Bear Mountain.
You can observe the brown bear approaching in front of you.