~ Business Day Information ~

Business period From Friday, April 29, 2022 to Sunday, October 16, 2022
Opening hours 9:00-15:20 (last entry) until 16:00
■Closed days
Closed in 2022.
Please check the holiday information on the website before visiting.
※ In the case of group use, it may be open even on closed days.
*Business hours may be changed due to weather conditions.

Bear watching bus operating hours

All day GW (5/3-5), Obon period
9:20、 9:50 (9:00)、9:20、 9:40
10:20、10:50 10:00、10:20、10:40
11:20、11:50 11:00、11:20、11:40
12:20、12:50 12:00、12:20、12:40
13:20、13:50 13:00、13:20、13:40
14:20、14:50 14:00、14:20、14:40
15:20 15:00、15:20
※ There is a case to change the diamond depending on the group charter and congestion situation.

~ Information on prices ~


Walk around the park looking for brown bears from the 370m long and 5m high pedestrian bridge (about 10-15 minutes to bear point)

Price list Adult Children and Seniors
General 1,870YEN 1,320YEN
Group (10 people or more) 1,650YEN 1,100 yen

Admission ticket with bear watching bus:
Private bus ride and promenade course to get close to brown bears (about 20 minutes to Bear Point)

Price list Adult Children and Seniors
General 2,970YEN 2,420YEN
Group (10 people or more) 2,750YEN 2,200 yen

※ Children = from 4 years old to elementary school students. Free for children under 3 years old.
Senior = 60 years of age or older (please bring proof of age)

★ up to 2 companions of preschoolers are free of charge for 1 adult or senior ★
(Children's rates will be charged for more than that.)

☆ Purchase web tickets
We have started selling easy and great-money web tickets (external site)
You can access and purchase from the banner below.

☆Seven-Eleven Seven Tickets
You can now purchase various admission tickets for Bear Mountain and tickets for Bear Ranch Pack with Seven Tickets.
Payment can be made at 7-Eleven stores in cash, as well as credit cards and electronic money nanoco.

Discounts for people with disabilities

Price list Adult Children and Seniors
Promenade Course 935 yen 660 yen
Bear Watching Bus Course 1,485YEN 1,210YEN

* One person who has a physically handicapped person's notebook, a medical care handbook, and a mentally handicapped person health and welfare handbook and one caregiver will be half the normal fee. Please present your pocketbook to the ticket office staff.
* Caregivers are for junior high school students and above.

Sahoro Resort Hotel
staying plan

This is a great plan that includes accommodation at the Sahoro Resort Hotel and an admission ticket for Bear Mountain.

Packed lunch
(Admission ticket + lunch)

This admission ticket is a set with lunch at Sahoro Resort Hotel.
Enjoy "Bear Mountain" and a hotel-made lunch.

Let's play with Sahoro pack
(Admission ticket with bus and + selectable activities)

It is scheduled to be sold only in July and August 2022.
Bear Mountain admission ticket with bus and selectable activities are included in the pack.
After enjoying the brown bear, let's move the body under the blue sky and play.

Brown bear forest night walk

※ We have not held this season.
(As of April 19, 2022)


※ We have not held this season.
(As of April 19, 2022)