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"Bear Mountain News" by the breeding staff.
If you have visited the venue even once, you may be wondering, "What's wrong with that brown bear?"
Therefore, we will deliver the state of brown bears living well even for those who can not come easily.
Please come and check out the brown bears even after you come to the venue!
And if you are new to Bear Mountain, you will definitely enjoy it when you come! is

5/22 2021

100% achieved!

Thanks to all of you, the crowdfunding challenge has finally achieved 100% (=ω°) No Thank you very much! All the breeding staff are impressed. It was my first experience and I was very anxious about the challenge, so I am deeply grateful for the support of so many people. In addition, I am very proud of my interest in bear mountain brown bears and wild brown bears, and that they love me. I would like to carry everyone's thoughts and convey the wonders of brown bear in the future, so please come and play if you have a chance! Thank you very much!!!

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5/13 2021


Hello ^^/ There are 18 days left in crowdfunding!!! Thank you for your cooperation.

Bear Mountain News / the latest news
5/9 2021

Spring has come to Bear Mountain!

Hello! It's May, and it's cold, warm, and the temperature difference is intense nowadays... Spring has finally arrived at Bear Mountain ^^ There are some cherry trees in the park, and I photographed Holt and Kouta who were there!!! I will share it with everyone (=ω°) No It is recommended because you can take photos unique to that time of year at Bear Mountain where there is a lot of nature ^ ^

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5/4 2021

Opened in 2021!

It's been a long time since everyone ^^ I'm sorry I haven't been posting at all... (I will do my best from today (=ω Ω)) We opened safely from May 1, 2021!!! Among them, I will upload a photo of "Tetslow" which made its debut. GW will be open until the 5th. Please be careful when you come to the park because it will be closed on the 6th and 7th! Please come and see Tetslow who debuted ^^/

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12/3 2020

It's been a long time, everyone!

It's been a long time since everyone! It's getting cold... Will your physical condition change? Bear Mountain bears have been completely fasting since today! I'm saying ... Suddenly "I'm without rice!" "I can't help but say, so from early November I was preparing for winter weight while reducing the amount of rice little by little and managing my physical condition ^^ And ... It is only a few days until winter! ! I'<冬ごもりツアー> going to do this year too! I'll let you know more soon♬ so we'll see !!!

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10/20 2020

This year, we will have an important companion, Kumaemon and Ataro.

I am truly sorry that I lost two important friends named Kumaemon and Atalou this year, and I have made everyone feel sad. Everyone who brought flowers and offerings for Kumaemon and Atalou after setting up the wreath stand. Everyone who wrote colored paper. Everyone from all over the country who prayed. Thank you very much! And everyone who called out to the keepers. Personally, I would like to thank you here. Thank you very much! We look forward to seeing you next year ^^

Bear Mountain News
10/20 2020

As of October 18, 2020

As of October 18, 2020, we have closed this season. Thank you very much! This year, we have inconvenienced and inconvenienced everyone due to the new coronavirus epidemic, but we are grateful to all the staff for coming to see the bears next year ^^ We sincerely look forward to seeing them again next year!!! Bear Mountain Staff & Kuma all photos are kouta-kun from the oldest ♬

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9/14 2020

This is a report.

This is a report. On September 8, 2020, "Atalou" (25 years old), a male ezo brown man, died. From the 5th, I became unwell and refrained from freeing under the direction of a veterinarian, but I was at rest in the animal house, but my physical condition suddenly changed around 12:00 on the 8th and it became a disappointing result as it was. For about 6 years after becoming a companion of Bear Mountain, I had a presence with a petite body, a self-paced personality, and a very cute way of sitting (named Atalou Sing). All the keepers are very grateful that everyone was very cute. Thank you very much. I would like to set up a place to decorate photos of Kumaemon and Atalou, so please come and see it! There are 11 male browns currently bred.

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9/11 2020

Thank you Ataro.

At about 15:00 on Tuesday, September 8, the death of the ezo brown man "Atalou (25 years old, male)" was confirmed. On the evening of September 5th, the exhibition of Atalou was canceled from the next day because the cough was severe and there was an abnormality in the breath. Because there was an abnormality in the breathing, there was a risk of respiratory arrest in the anesthesia treatment, and there was a possibility of aspiration, etc., so it was rested according to the instruction of the veterinarian. On the 6th and 7th, the cough calmed down and the breathing noise entered, but the symptoms were calm, and the standing walk was slow, but it was confirmed, and echo examination etc. were scheduled to be performed. My condition suddenly changed around 11:00 on September 8, I coughed violently and fell as it was, and then confirmed my death around 15:00. About 6 years after Atalou joined Bear Mountain from Noboribes bear ranch, it was a bear with a small but presence with a self-paced personality. Everyone has been pleased with Atalou so long, and all the keepers are grateful. There are currently 11 ezo brown bears bred at Bear Mountain.          Sahoro Resort Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain News
8/14 2020

In the park where hot days continue in August 🥵

In the park where the hot day continues in August🥵 The bears are spending their time in the water field and resting in the shade of a tree🎵 Mitt is eating the watermelon that he got from the keepers🎵 This year's watermelon is very sweet and plenty of moisture! !️ (Mitt says) In the park, we are going to give watermelon gifts guerrillaly, so please come and visit us.

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