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"Bear Mountain News" by the breeding staff.
If you have visited the venue even once, you may be wondering, "What's wrong with that brown bear?"
Therefore, we will deliver the state of brown bears living well even for those who can not come easily.
Please come and check out the brown bears even after you come to the venue!
And if you are new to Bear Mountain, you will definitely enjoy it when you come! is

3/24 2024

Woke up!

Feeding started on the 15th and as early as the 9th ... Today, we released the first paddock (playground) of 2024. All of them have successfully completed their winter retreat and are preparing for the opening. Lera and Holt were playing together ^^

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3/12 2024

100 days have passed

2024.3.11 It's been 100 days since my complete fast. From now on, you will gradually begin to get up and start eating. It seems that all 11 horses will be able to finish the winter without any problems!

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2/27 2024


This year's winter tour will end today. Thank you to everyone who participated! The bears will stay in the winter until mid-March, after which they will start eating and build up their physique. We will also start business in late April, so please come and visit us when it opens ^^ We will post information about the future on SNS, so please take a look there as well.

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12/5 2023

Notice of Winter Retreat Tour

Hello everyone. There is only one month left in this year. How are you spending this winter? The brown bears at Bear Mountain finished their last meal before winter sleep on December 2 and are scheduled to start winter sleep on December 7. So, here is the announcement of the "Winter Retreat Tour"! ☆ Limited time until January ~ the end of February 2024 ☆ Number of people: Up to 1 ~ 4 people (for 1 person, afternoon tour only) Price: 4,400 yen per person Time: 10:30 ~ or 13:30 ~ Reservations are required. * We will guide you in the order of reservation. Also, please note that there are days when the tour cannot be operated due to bears or weather conditions. Although it is modest, we also have ♬ a handmade gift from the keeper We look forward to your visit. It will be a tour in the cold. Please wear warm clothes when participating!!

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10/26 2023

Breeding Blog

Hello. Four days have already passed since the end of business for fiscal 2023. Once again, thank you for coming. We had so many visitors this year!! We are waiting for next season ^^ From now on, the bears will get bigger and fatter and prepare for winter! We will also post the situation on SNS, etc., so please ♬ enjoy it as well.

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9/28 2023

Breeding Blog

~Report~ Regarding Hirotake, a wound was formed around the buttocks the other day, and the hair was sheared, cleaned, and disinfected by anesthesia. It is said that disinfection is necessary for a while, and intensive treatment is carried out in the animal house. In consideration of the physical condition of Hirotake, this season's release will be terminated. Thank you for your understanding. PS.Hirotake side I will treat you well and come back as a fine idol in front of you, so please support me!! It was said. Eat a lot, sleep, and do your best in treatment!

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9/9 2023

Breeding Blog

Long time no see. The estrus period (around May ~ August) ended in a blink of an eye from the start of business, and it was September. Bear Mountain holds watermelon events (ended) and hockey events, so I hope you enjoy them as well. And there is about one month left until the end of business ... The bears will also be getting fat a lot in the future, so please enjoy the changes from summer! We look ♬ forward to seeing you there.

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5/4 2023


Hello everyone! This season finally started on April 29 (= ゚ω゚) GW has many visitors. Thank you!!! The bears are also doing well ^^ Please come and see the bears on Bear Mountain! We look forward ♬ to seeing you again this season.

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3/24 2023

Winter has opened! !!

Hello ^^ I'm a Bear Mountain keeper. The other day, all the bears on Bear Mountain finished their winter safely! Now I am gradually starting to eat rice for spring (OPEN). Preparations are progressing steadily~~~! Business is scheduled for April 29 (= ゚ω゚) We are looking forward ♪ to seeing you again this season

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2/26 2023

This is a notice.

This season's winter tour has ended! * Until mid-March, bears will stay in winter. (Keepers plow snow every day...) Many customers from far away also came! I think I was able to convey the charm of bears even a little. Thank you (= ゚ω゚) No We are planning to hold a winter tour next season, so please come by all means. And at Bear Mountain, the summer season is just around the corner!!! Please ♬ look forward to it from Bear Mountain keepers

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