It's a refreshing and nice weather worthy of early summer.

Well, bears are in estrus from late May to early July.

It's time of year again.

Are you usually obedient? Classy in? Bears are marking battles here and there only at this time of year, and group actions are conspicuous by putting on the buttocks of bears that you are interested in.

In particular, group behavior is a strange behavior even if you look at it every year.

Suzunosuke seems to be worried about Koji and always follows him.

That Koji seems to be worried about Hirotake and is always by Hirotake's side.

It's like this and I've always been acting like three these days.

DSC05729_640.jpg←Right: Hirotake, Back: Suzunosuke, Foreground: Koji

If a bear that follows behind you is too persistent, the bear walking ahead may get angry and follow the opponent. But Suzunosuke follows him all the way, even if he is pushed away or threatened by a snarling jerk. I can't give up even if I'm pushed cold ... What kind of Ningen is it? ??

DSC05722_640.jpg Koji is a little troubled by the ← sticky tin

This behavior is only noticeable during estrus, and by the time summer arrives, everyone returns to a style of scattering as if nothing had happened.


All 18 bears at Bear Mountain are male, but customers often ask me, "Why only males?" Wild brown bears sometimes fight with males over females, but even between males alone there are many fights during estrus, but if there is a female among them ... You don't want to imagine that.

Among the staff, the behavior during estrus is becoming an annual "tradition".

By the way, Suzunosuke was sticky to Canta last year, but this year for some reason it was sticky to Koji.

Naze? Why is it Koji and not Kanta this year? ??

(But sometimes I cheat on Canta)

I'm very curious about what the criteria are in him.

If you are observing and find a "group", remember this blog and watch warmly, "Oh, it can't be helped at this time, it's such a mon" ... I think.

< Rocky is almost back at the bear ranch>

DSC05720_640.jpg  DSC05680_640.jpg 

 DSC05672_640.jpgStrange face?!

It's only a short period of time, but please come and see Rocky.

[Breeding: Ito]