Sachio spent time in Sahoro in the first year of Bear Mountain opening (2006). He has a history of being protected in the wild when he was a cub. I don't know if that's the reason, but even at Bear Mountain, I often acted alone. However, the sharp ears and large face can be judged as "Sachio" even from a distance, so it was a brown bear loved by the staff.

Last year, we returned to the Noboribetsu Bear Farm and successfully paired them. And this spring, he became a father. I received a photo from Noboribetsu and will upload it.

Unfortunately, you can't see it at Bear Mountain, but if you go to Noboribetsu, you can see Sachio & the children. You will be surprised that you were born so small and yet you can grow so big.

Bear Mountain is impressive! Take a look at plenty of brown bears in O to Na. The cub will be released on April 26, the same as Bear Mountain. There are no people who ladder with Sahoro, right?


← Sachio, who innocently plays in the pond, also becomes his father.

Photographed at Bear Mountain in 2006

Twin babies ↓jr2.jpgSmall but sharp claws ↓