Action part 3 of the season of love (estrus period❕
The name of the bear rubbing its back against the tree is
It is said, 'Kouta'.
This action, saying back rubbing, is my
I'm smelling and appealing to the other person.
That's where it is.
I usually rub my back, but it's the season of love
will increase🎵
Kouta plunges into the season of love, and the inexplicable
Action is seen.
What kind of action do you take.........,
It ❗ walked ❗ turned to the left of the day,
Moreover, it go around the park by the left turn.
We, keepers [Kouta's park patrol]
I'll call it🎵
If you want to see kouta patrols, now is the season
It's ⤴ - (laughs)
The forelimbs when rubbing back are very cute
It was Kouta~⤴
Breeding From Jeep 🎵