This time, we will introduce the recommended "Bear Watching Bus Course"! !
To the bus stop, please check in the previous article ☆
150619110408.jpgFirst of all, introduction of the bus.
It is tightly fenced.
It is well thought out so that we do not hurt us and the bear, so please ride with confidence.
I often ask, 'Where should I ride?' The bear of Sahorobea Mountain lives freely in a large site.
So, "Which side can see more!!" There is no such thing, but there is a "stand" on the left where you can feel the bear's breath and odor.
* Whether you are on the stand or not is only when you are riding the mood of a bear.
As you can see from the in-car photos, the seats are made in the face and there are passageways.
If you find a bear, you can stop the bus and observe it carefully, so you ⇔ left side of the right side ☆
※ Please note that it may be difficult when it is full.
Go through a sturdy double gate and go to the bear forest! !
It takes about 1.2km to get there in 20 minutes.
◆Recommended points
You can listen to the driver's guide to Bear Mountain Marugoto.
Anything, not to mention information about bears(?) I will tell you ☆
DSC_1195.jpgEven on the bus, you don't know where the bears are, so look for them.
The windows are also devised, and there is a large window, so you can take pictures from the best angle.
※ Please refrain from flash because the bear will be surprised.
Oko & Mitt.
Sexy Pose
◆Recommended points
You can see it so close ☆
Because the bus is stopped, you can take all-you-can-take photos! !
It is hard to see, but a bear climbs up to the river.
As it becomes hotter from now on, bears vulnerable to heat seek cool places.
In the forest, green is overgrown, so it is difficult to look for it when you go inside, but you can see cool bears in places where puddles, ponds, and rivers flow so close, so rest assured ☆
Walk in front of the bus.
Because I'm visiting the bear forest, I can't disturb it even if it's a bus road ☆
The prepuri retest is irresistibly cute.
A bear so big that it can't be in the picture.
Canter on the stand.
Really big!!
DSC_1229.jpgWhile feeling the bear close ...
20 minutes in no time.
Bare point arrival.
Here we stop for 10 minutes.
You can choose between a bus or a promenade on the way back.
At bear point, "Sasuke" of the child bear is waiting! !
But... until June 29th.
It's so big.
The smell is also a front.
And the color of the hair has changed somehow.
However, it is still a sweet and cute sasuke.
Please come and see me for another week (*^∀^*)
Top left
What? Are you here to play?
Top right
lower left
I don't want you to...
Lower right
It's a good !!! smile
《From Sasuke Play》