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It's been a long time since everyone! !

It's been a month since Bear Mountain closed.

I think what the bears were like during that time.

In preparation for winter weight, we measured the weight and fat thickness (the thickness of the subcutaneous fat).

Brown bear must eat a lot in autumn in preparation for winter weights and accumulate fat in the body to overcome winter.

Therefore, it is very important to look at the fat thickness in order to measure how much fat can be stored.

Bear Mountain bears are judged to be able to spend enough winter if they are about 4-3 cm thick on average.

If the fat thickness has not reached the average thickness at that time, we will give you nutritious food and store the fat by the end of November when you are ready in earnest.

By the way, the joiner in this photo boasted an astonishing 7cm thickness.

It's quite chubby (laughs)

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And you may have noticed it when you looked at the photos, but although it was still thin, snow also piled up in Bear Mountain!

Browns are resistant to cold! Even if the snow is piling up, it looks like it's not good.

Rather, do you enjoy the snow you see after a long time?

[Breeding: Nagata]