Even in Hokkaido, here in Shin-Tochi, where Bear Mountain is located, it often exceeds 30°C in summer.

(The Toya katsu region is a hot area!) )

How do our ezo browns spend their time on such a midsummer day?

So today I infiltrated the cave at Bear Point! !

P1010059. JPG

I was taking a nap with three heads!

It looks so pleasant (* ́∀'*)

(left:HirotakeTop right:KojiLower right:Joiner

ActuallyThe appropriate temperature of the ezo brown man is from 4°C to 7°CIt is said.

It is much easier for bears to spend cold than cool.

For such hot bears, the cave is a favorite spot that is cool even in midsummer.

But when you get 3 heads, it looks tight and a little hot (laughs)

This time there were these three heads, of whichJoineris a bear that is often found in caves.

Whether it's very hot, likes dark places, or just a favorite place...

The answer isJoinerOnly I know! It is a place such as(・∀・)

When you come to Bear Mountain, please observe the bears in the cave!

[Breeding: Nagata]