090801a.jpgStag appeared in front of the ticket office!

When it's summer, it's "stag"! ?

It is very popular with boys, and there are times when I stare at my father as well as little ones.

Sahoro also lives stag beetles. At this time of summer vacation, we also offer a tour called "Kuwa-d'awawa", which is limited to guests.

Why don't you stay in Sahoro to make memories of summer vacation and try various activities such as brown horse observation and kuwagatachi-founding party♪

090801b.jpg■Kuwa-d'awat finding party (for hotel guests only)

Period 7/18〜8/16

Time 19:00-1 hour

Price 1,050 yen for adults, 525 yen for elementary school students and younger

Reservation Bear Mountain Resort Center (8:00-17:00) Tel.0156-64-7007

☆ Bear Mt. and Kuwawata Finder Corps became a pack【Summer Vacation Family Plan】Recommended ☆