From spring to early summer, bears are in love season, and bear mountain bears also act uniquely at this time of year.

It is also during this period that many "back rubs" are seen to appeal to one's existence.


↑Scrub into the glass of bear point ..."I'm strong."

And the "group behavior" seen at this time of year

Some bears act together among compatible individuals, and some of them are always smelly...

It becomes a time when the action conscious of the existence of other individuals stands out.

Is this collective action unique to Bear Mountain? I don't know for sure, but if the estrus period is too much, it often won't be pita, so it's just strange(^^;)


↑Canta of popularity from bears. It can be a group of 4 or 5 people, mainly canters, and among the staff, we call it "Canter Group" or "Canta Go-sama".

(Even so, why are canters so popular?!) Is it like a cod with a 100-100 body? ! ^^)


↑Bears who greet each other with odors

Recently, estrus has been subsiding, and the bears have regained their calmness.

I think that the heat will be felt severe for bears and us in the coming season, but I want the bears to cool their bodies in the cold water in the park and get away with gamba(^▽^)

[Breeding: Ito]