Today, the temperature is easy to spread and pop.


The summer sun is glaring, but the autumn sun feels gentle, doesn't it?

The scenery in the park, where the autumn leaves have deepened, is very beautiful with golden and vivid red.

The light that shines in is also golden・・・ Bears are also leisurely hinatabokko・ ( ́U')


The leaves will fall from now on, so it will be easier to find the bear.

Recently, I suddenly thought that more and more customers are bringing binoculars. I feel that it is increasing year by year. Does it mean that customers come with the feeling of "I'm going to look for bears!" rather than "I'm going to see bears!" As a zookeeper, I am very happy with the "spirit" of the customer.

And even without binoculars, your child will quickly spot a bear in the distance. (As the antenna sharp?!) )

Binoculars are also available for rent. Bear Mountain is located on a mountain pass, so please wear warm clothes.

[Zookeeper: Ito]