I went to Urahoro for private use yesterday.

When I entered the park, there were many mizunara trees, and underneath there was an acorn that raised the voice "Wow". My colleague and I picked it up in a plastic bag. I feel like I've been picking up only acorns lately... Lol) When I looked around, there are people who are picking up like us.


While picking up "the feeling of a bear who eats nuts asspire" is like this! ? I suddenly thought.

I feel that the grain is bigger than the acorn seen in Sahoro somehow. Also, there were a lot of mountain grapes. I tried it on the spot, but after all it was a stsuppai! !

I immediately gave it to Hirotake and Joyner in the beast house this morning.

Acorn→, Pakupaku

I thought that I would remove the fruit from the bunch → yama grapes cleanly and eat them, but it was excitingly mushy as it was.

P9290644_640.jpg← it looks like this(^^)

After that, when I was cleaning the room, almost undigested grains of mountain grapes appeared in the poop of Suzukisuke. Apparently, I looked for it in the park and ate it.

[Zookeeper: Ito]