[5/25 Indulge in thoughts? ] It is a continuation of].

Hirotake, who has been subjected to moxibustion, has recently been using a cave in Bear Point as a fort. As if "The housekeeper has seen it!", I stepped out of the cave and checked the bear gathered in front of Bear Point. When Kumaemon comes, he hides in the cave, and when he disappears, he comes out, repeatedly. Visitors said, "There are various brown bear worlds," and they couldn't take their eyes off Hirotake.


Top left: Check who is in front of the bear point

Top right: Hirotake peeking out of the cave. A scar remains above the right eye


Bottom left: A little outside to the plow where Kumaemon went to the pond ...

Bottom right: Kumaemon is back, so hurry back to the cave