※ We have not held this season.
(As of April 19, 2022)

Night walk in brown man forest Price Adult Children and Seniors
Regular rates 3,300 yen 2,750YEN
Sahoro Resort Hotel Guest Discount Fee 2,750YEN 2,200 yen

※ The time required is scheduled to be about 1 hour.
It may change depending on the weather on the day and the number of participants.
*The time may change due to sunset time.
Reservation:Advance reservation required Please contact Bear Mountain at 17:00 2 days in advance at Tel.0156-64-7007.
Meeting place:Bear Mountain Ticketing Counter (Please meet at least 10 minutes before the start of the event)
Minimum number of participants:From 4 people (up to 20 people)
Notes, etc.:
・If you are drunk, we will refuse entry.
・To prevent accidents and confusion, be sure to follow the instructions of the staff. Therefore, if you do not do so, you may be refused entry or returned from the middle of the tour.
・Do not act dangerously (such as acting alone or ignoring the instructions of the guide), nuisance to other participants, bringing in food and drinks, or littering.
・ In case of bad weather, it may be canceled. In that case, we will judge the event by the situation of the walk and the weather forecast on the day around 14:00, and contact the person who made the reservation.
・ We recommend that you wear clothes that may get dirty because your feet are bad, and shoes that are easy to exercise. (Walk along a dirt road.) About 500m one way)
・ There is a boots rental (free), but the size is 22cm to 28cm. Children are between 15cm and 21cm.
・ Please note that you will not be able to return on the way during the night tour unless there is a special reason such as ill health. (Everyone will act with the basic guide)